Fruška gora
Fruška Gora is a mountain in north Srem. The mountain is a natural geological phenomenon as it is built from the rocks from almost all geological periods. It used to be an island during the existence of the Pannonian Sea. To the north, the mountain is bordered by the Danube river, while to the south it descends into the Syrmian lowlands. A national park Fruška Gora was declared in 1960. Richness of nature: animal and plant wildlife, thermal springs – spas, and lakes make the basis for tourism of special interest (walking, cyclo-tourism, rare plant and bird species watching, fishing, hunting), as well as for recreational and picnic programmes, schools in nature, nautical, health-spa/wellness tourism. Fruška Gora is also called Holy Mountain or Serbian Atos. In the endless greenery of these deciduous forests, on the glades of reigning mountain of the Pannonian Basin, 16 monasteries which are lasting for centuries and were built around 16th and 18th century in styles of Baroque and Morava architectural school of medieval Serbia. Fruška Gora is the region of good wines. There are three famous centers for wine production: Irig, Sremski Karlovci, and Šid. The slopes of Fruška Gora are perfectly suited for growing grape arbors on there, and there are many wine-makers producing Traminer, Riesling and other wines in the region.

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