Osečina is a village in the Kolubara district, located on both sides of the modern Valjevo-Loznica road, 34 km northwest of Valjevo and 130 km southeast of Belgrade. Since 2006 the famous Plum Fair is held there, by which this place is widely known and which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Around 16.000 inhabitants of this small municipality are mainly engaged in the cultivation of plums and raspberries. You need to visit the village because they have juicy fruits from the rich combination of climatic conditions and nature. What the plants gave them, their valuable hands turn into a drinking plum brandy without which no celebration in Serbia can be imagined. There are numerous cultural and historical monuments in the village and in the surroundings: Church of the Ascension of the Lord, memorial complex in Gornji Crniljev dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Milenko Pavlovic, Tesman's residence in Bastav, the memorial in Bratacic and many others.

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