Ečka is a village located in the Zrenjanin municipality, in the Central Banat District of Serbia. It is situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. Historical sources show that the settlement came into being when Hungarians came to this region. Later, Serbs and Romanians came. It is said that Attila the Hun pitched his tents in Ečka when he went to conquer the Roman Empire, so the name of the village is connected with the name of his wife and daughter. Today, Ečka is a lovely settlement in Banat, with a wonderful castle and cultural and historical sites. It was built in the English style. The constructing lasted from 1816 till 1820. The castle was built by the Lazar family and at the official opening ceremony, on August 28, 1820, Franz Liszt, a famous violinist, played. Today, this old edifice has been completely renovated and transformed into a facility that will offer its guests an unforgettable vacation in an authentic setting inspired by its aristocratic past.

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