Veliko Gradište
The municipality of Veliko Gradište is located in the eastern Serbia, on the coast of the beautiful Danube and in the foot of the Carpathians and the Homolje mountains. The beautiful Đerdap highway will take you to this very attractive area for sightseeing. If we start sightseeing from the city itself, walks in the small lovely streets should not be missed, nor ones on the promenade by the river, where you can find the best sunsets. You will see a magnificent scene. In the city of Veliko Gradište, you should not miss the National museum and visit its unique collection, where the exposed objects are from the Stone, Roman and Turkish era, as well as a small collection of paintings, icons and objects from the last century. When you get out of town, you will find the Serbian sea - Silver Lake. If you stay there during summer months, you should not miss swimming in the clear and pleasant water. In addition, you have to taste fish specialties. Besides the Serbian sea, this municipality also preserves cultural heritage - monastery Nimnik and Ram fortress. The monastery is very old - it comes from the period of the Battle of Kosovo (1389). However, today's building is from the time of Miloš Obrenović, who restored it after it was burned. When you visit the monastery, you will also be able to hear the tragic yet interesting legend of how it got its the name. What attracts people during the whole year to this monastery is the healing source, but also the kindness of the host. When it comes to the Ram fortress, it is located not far from Veliko Gradište (only 20 minutes). Fortress is located high above the Danube. Ram has an exciting history, numerous remains of the past are found there, and the view from its walls is unforgettable. Municipality of Veliko Gradište is a tourist destination in Serbia that you should not avoid to visit.

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