The predominantly Slovak village is known throughout the world for is naive painters. The tradition was started in 1939 and advanced in 1950'с when several peasants took to painting scenes from their daily lives. Zuzana Halupova and Martin Janoš were the first to be recognized outside of Serbia. Since then many others followed in their steps and today almost every house is home to a painter. Works by artists from Kovačica can be seen in many museums and private collections worldwide. slovaks were settled in Vojvodina since the 18th century as they were known as hard and modest workes. Not only did they live up to expectations but they also managed to keep their culture alive to the present day. The Slovaks arrived in the small Serbian village of Kovačica in 1802 and transformed it completely. Some of the Slovak houses are still painted or tiled in the traditional light blue colour with the name of the family in the gable.

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