Only 14 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is Vinca, the basket of European civilization. This prehistoric site called Belo brdo (White hill) is located on the Danube bank and the valuable remains of the Neolithic settlement are found there. It belonged to the Starcevo culture, which gave humanity the invention of food production. The discovery of this archaeological fortune was a century ago when the river Danube withdrew and the largest settlement from the Neolithic age were discovered. The story of its discovery is very interesting to hear. The oldest rests of this settlement are over 7,000 years old. Later, research has shown that the inhabitants of this settlement lived a very urban way of life. Today this prehistoric culture is considered one of the most advanced ones. For example, according to the tool found, the inhabitants made very complex objects such as a baroque chair or fine, thin dishes. Moreover, another proof about the level of development of this civilization remains in the letters that were used. These are actually symbols, and there is still a discussion among scientists whether these letters can be considered official. Anyway, numerous objects were found: from jewelry through weapons to ritual vases and figurines. Traces of houses are also preserved. In addition, they say that the research did not reach even half of what is hidden in the Vinca area. This archaeological site is very interesting to visit. Besides visiting the archaeological park Belo brdo, you can also visit monastery Vavedenje from the 15th century and monastery Rakovica in which Vasa Carapic, one of the leaders of the First Serbian Uprising, rests, as well as the most beloved patriarch of Serbian nation, Patriarch Pavle

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