Castles of Vojvodina and "salaš" country retreat - dep. from Belgrade

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Join us and discover the most important highlights of Vojvodina - famous castles and salaš/farms.


Visiting castle Echka
Visiting castle Fantast
Free time for lunch and enjoing on the salash
Visiting castle in Kulpin and mouseum od agriculture

Tour description:

Departure from Belgrade at 8:00 am. Our first stop will be in the castle in the vicinity of Zrenjanin Ecka. Visiting the park of the castle of Count Lazar Lukac and church from 1711, in which he once played Franz Liszt and the main guest was Count Esterhazy. Like many other castles and the raw hides numerous stories about the curse of riches, gambling, murder, tragic love. This castle was often visited by the Austro - Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand and Serbian Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic and today is a 4 * and is a popular place for nature lovers and peace.

Continue to Becej and Fantast castle, a farm whose landowner was Bogdan Dunadjerski. Here we will hear the saga of Dundjerski or what one reporter called inspirational "Vojvodina Carrington! We will unravel layers of myth and truth, and controversial story of the richest family of Vojvodina which carries gentlemanly spirit but also a fraction of the curse of whom are still witnessing. Visit the  church where Uros Predic gave murals replacing the images of saints with the characters of the local people. The attention will certainly attract stables and those who wish will have the opportunity for a little ride or stroll through the parks of the castle. Moving on to Kulpin where we visit another castle Dundjerski. The castle was bought by Lazar Dundjerski from family Stratimirovic. This place is unique, in that they are born here two Serbian Patriarch: Stevan Stratimirovic and George Brankovic. The property is surrounded by park of 4 ha, which represents the natural monument arboretum of rare plant species and here there is a unified Vojvodina Museum of Agriculture, which we will also visit. Agricultural machinery steam, old tractors, mowers or exhibitions on hops, hemp, broomcorn, wheat, cattle and dairy farming, we may return to the beginning of the story. Because sometimes they are rich people were the ones who had the land, and dealt with it.

We continue our journey towards Cenej to one of the farms, where we will enjoy the slow food is the concept of Vojvodina's life - slowly and gingerly. We'll enjoy the traditional dishes of the Duchy in the shade of the old mulberry trees (without which the farm and can not be farm in Vojvodina). Departure for Belgrade about 19 h. Arrival in the evening.


 For scheduled tours in Belgrade departure is from parking across Flea Market (Novi Beograd) and from Novi Sad departure is from parking in front of hotel Sajam.




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Conditions for free cancellation

Free cancellation at least 7 days before the tour starts.

Notes for transport

depending of number of clients

Included in price

Transfer by high quality bus according the itinerary
Licensed tour guide
Travel agency organization fees
Entrance fees according the program (Fantast Castle 2€ per person, Kštel Ečka 2€ per person, Kulpin castle and Agriculture Museum 1€ per person)
Entrance tickets (180 rsd Fantast +150 rsd Kaštel Ečka + 150 rsd Kulpin)
Costs of organizing the trip

Not included in price

Drinks during the lunch
Individual costs

Notes on benefits

This program can be implemented as a private tour. Price for 4-6 persons: 59 eur per person for 3 persons 80 eur per person for 2 persons 100 eur per person, for one person 170 eur per person.

Terms of payment

Advanced payment of 30% of the total ammount while booking, the rest no longer than 3 days before the departure.