Uvac and Zlatibor

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2 day
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The central morphological feature of the resevre is the canyon-like valley of Uvac river, along with valleys of its tributaries. The centerpieces of the valley are criss-crossed meanders, largest ones in Europe, headlines of which are up to 100 meters high. The surrounding terrain is primarily made of karst.


boat ride
jeep safari
entering a cave
wine and rakije tasting
pršuta, panceta and kulen tasting
viewing the nest of the Griffon vulture

Tour description:

Day 1:

Departure from Belgrade in the morning. Travelling to Zlatibor and rest in Zlatibor mountain or optional excursion to Mušvete village for the prosciutto, pancetta, brandy and wine tasting... An unusual thing is that one Dalmatian discovered that the best place to make prosciutto is on Zlatibor mountain - far from the sea coast of Dalmatia. Visit the company "Aćim" engaged in production of dry meat products and wine. Tasting of Dalmatian smoked ham from Zlatibor, Dalmatian bacon, sausage and wine.

The journey continues to the hotel in Sjenica. Accommodation at the hotel. Leisure time. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Leaving the hotel. Departure to the ranger’s camp on the river at the entrance to the nature reserve Uvac River Gorge. Central morphological entity represents the canyon valley of the river Uvac with the valleys of its tributaries. Special site of the canyon valley are curving meanders. Capes of meanders have relative heights of up to 100 m. The environment is made up of lime rocks and fields. Caves are numerous and vary in size from rock shelters to the largest known cave system in Serbia, such as Ušac cave system (6185 m long). Caves are very rich in speleothem deposits left by dripping water to form stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, transparent needles etc.

Special Nature Reserve Uvac distinguishes the presence of 104 bird species. The greatest attraction in the reserve is griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus). Griffon vulture is a vulture species, impressive size and a has wingspan of up to 3 meters which makes it a powerful flier whose flight has been studied by scientists - aeronautic engineers and applied in aircraft construction. - Boarding the boat and ride through the meanders of the river Uvac. - Visiting the griffon vulture nests. - Entry into the ice cave directly from the river. - The return with optional swimming in the canyon below Medieval Fortress Klek (depending on weather conditions) -

Upon arrival awaits you grilled meat with the famous Sjenica cheese. Optional - 20 minutes safari in one direction over meadows and rough trails of Zlatarska plateau. Arrival at the "Prayer" lookout, where the giant vultures flying below you, and meanders of Uvac will be seen in all its glory. Return to the beach by jeeps. - Departure for Belgrade and arrival in the evening.

Dates of departure:

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

It is possible to cancel without cost - the deadline being 45 days before the start of the journey, or in the case of illness (medical documentation needed) or a fatality in the family.

Notes for transport

modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning; SUPPLEMENT FOR THE DEPARTURE FROM NOVI SAD: 15€ PER PERSON

Note for accommodation

1 half-board at the hotel (1/2, 1 / 3,) with TV, TWC, hair dryer. Hotel is in the process of getting categorized. It is of high class and it is expected to be one of the pillars of tourism in Sjenica area. Breakfast is on the basis of self-serving with a variety of dishes to choose from.

Included in price

modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning
1 half-board at the hotel (1/2, 1 / 3 bedrooms)
guide services in every bus
Costs of travel agencies

Not included in price

trips and boating on the Uvac and lunch at the camp ranger Uvac - 1650 RSD
Lunch on the Uvac without a boat ride 500 RSD
Safari jeeps to a viewpoint "Prayer" - 1400 RSD
Tickets for the Icy cave - 150 RSD
Tasting of ham, wine and brandy in the village Mušvete (practically lunch) - 700 RSD
Individual tourist expenses

Notes on dressing

Bring a jacket or other warm clothes because of the low temperature in the cave, Bring a swimsuite, Bring a hat or another headpiece to protect you from the sun.

Notes about children

Children up to four years old can go for free if they do not require a separate bed. The price for children between ages of four and twelve is 38 Euro.

Terms of payment

Cash payment: 30% on reservation. The deadline for rest is 15 days before the journey starts. Through account: with an invoice issued by organizer. Cards: Visa, Master, Maestro, Dina.

Uvac and Zlatibor (5)

  1. Aleksandar Mitrovic

    Sama ideja ovog putovanja i kvalitet vodica zasluzuju najvisu ocenu. Prilikom putovanja agencija je pala na ispitu postovanja putnika dva puta. Prvo, nisu realizovani unapred dogovoreni rasporedi smestaja jer nije bilo dovoljno mesta u hotelu 'Borici' pa su putnici morali da spasavaju situaciju menjajuci rasporede 'trokrevetna za dvokrevetnu' i sl. Za vreme resavanja problema je predstavnik pomenutog hotela u autobus usao raspojasan, sa cigaretom i tvrdim stavom da nece ispostovati svoj deo obaveza a ostavio vodicu da nadje resenje na svoju ili na stetu putnika. Neprihvatljivo. Drugi ozbiljan propust agencije je cena rucka u kampu rendzera. Radi se samo o pazarskom cevapu koji je kao kompletan rucak naplacen 500 din prilikom uplate aranzmana a na licu mesta se moze kupiti za 300. Razumem potrebu agencije da zaradi ali nacin je razocaravajuce primitivan. Primedbe su iskreno i dobronamerno napisane kako bi pomogle ispravljanje propusta u buducnosti ako postoji dobra volja da ih neko ko odlucuje primi k' znanju.

  2. Branka Lepšanović

    Sve pohvale i preporuke...<3

  3. Izlet je bio punjenje baterija za obaveze koje su usledile. Zaista, tako lepu prirodu retko gde mozemo videti. Stefanu svaka cast, bas mu odgovara profesija, jedan mlad, obrazovan i stalozen i nenametljiv covek. Nas dragi vozac nas je cutecki podnosio, cekao, slusao. Nasi domacini su bili izuzetno ljubazni i gostoljubivi, gde god da smo bili. Zaista pun dozivljaj. Zaista lepo organizovano, ali i mesto je pun pogodak. Jedina primedba je sto je u nasoj trokrevetnoj sobi, treci krevet bio rasklopljena neudobna fotelja, a dan je bio naporan. Puno pozdrava i do skorog vidjenja.