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The secrets of Petrovaradin fortress and Petrovaradin downtown. During our tour we’ll visit old churches, pass through underground chambers, enjoy great views and hear local legends.


Visit to the church of St George
Visit to the church of St Peter and Paul
Tour of underground passages of the fortress (the part open to public)

Tour description:

At the start of the tour we will visit the small but historic military hospital, one of the oldest in this part of Europe, still located in its original baroque edifice. Walking the alleys of the Lower Town we arrive to the Orthodox church of SS Peter & Paul and the hospital park.

Walking through the town high street we will learn about the birth house of Josip Jelačić who came to be Croatian national hero, the seat of the “šajkaši“ river navy and the old building in which the toll for crossing the Danube was charged.

Next we arrive to the Roman Catholic church of St George with its baroque altar and graves of local nobles, as well as to its cloister.

We will climb up the 214 steps to the fortress plateau wherefrom we will descend into its underground where we will spend around 45 minutes discovering its secrets.

After enjoying the panorama of Novi Sad below us we will stroll pass the ateliers of local artists. On a nice and peaceful spot we will talk about Petrovaradin's long history. 



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Vojna bolnica na Petrovaradinu 11h -

Included in price

The ticket for the underground military galleries
licensed guide

Notes on dressing

Be sure to wear warm clothes because it is during the highest temperature in the underground passages, the temperature around 10 degrees C and a flashlight that will last at least 2 hours.

Notes about children

Not recommended for children younger than 8 years old.

Notes on benefits

Not recommended for people who have problems with claustrophobia. The tunnels are about 1.8 m tall taller people almost during the entire tour will walk in bend ower position.