Panoramic Sightseeing in an Open-Air Bus In Belgrade

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1,5 h
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Join us on a panoramic sightseeing of Belgrade in an open-air bus and see many of Belgrade’s different faces, from the city core to its outer perimeter.


Sightseeing of Belgrade

Tour description:

The hour and ten minutes long ride starts from the City Hall on Trg Nikole Pašića square and right across the street from the Parliament. From there we drive towards Kneza Miloša Street with its monumental government edifices and buildings that were bombed out in 1999. Pass the green area of Topčidersko Hill and the Mausoleum of President Tito we will turn back towards city center, pass the busy Slavija roundabout and drive on the Kralja Milana Street, one of Belgrade’s most central and important driveways. Pass the central Terazije and then Trg Republike Square where the National Museum and National Theatre are, we continue to the Studentski Trg square to reach the Kalemegdan Park engulfing the Belgrade Citadel. We drive around the park with some stunning views of the citadel. Back in the very core of the old town we ride pass the Orthodox Cathedral and the Mansion of Princess Ljubica from where we cross river Sava for a glimpse of New Belgrade with its modernist buildings and extensive green areas. Back across River Sava we drive pass the busy Zeleni Venac area and a few minutes later end our tour at the samr location where the tour started from. 

Marked bus stops:

Museum 25.may - break 2 minutes

Studentski trg square - break 2 minutes

Uzun Mirkova kod Kralja Petra - break 2 minutes

Dates of departure:

Fri 14.12.2018
Sat 15.12.2018
Sun 16.12.2018
Mon 17.12.2018
Tue 18.12.2018
Wed 19.12.2018
Thu 20.12.2018
Fri 21.12.2018
Sat 22.12.2018
Sun 23.12.2018
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Tue 25.12.2018
Wed 26.12.2018
Thu 27.12.2018
Fri 28.12.2018
Sat 29.12.2018
Sun 30.12.2018
Mon 31.12.2018
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Thu 07.03.2019

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Conditions for free cancellation

Conditions of money back cancellation: in case of rain the tour will be canceled

Notes for transport

Transportation: Bus has 90 seats, 60 in the open, 30 in the closed part of the bus.

Included in price

transport by a tourist bus
audio-guide in Serbian, English, German, Russian or French

Terms of payment

Prices in eur are approx. Payment is in RSD on the spot: Adults 600 RSD, Children 400 RSD. However, a reservation is also needed in order to secure the minimum of 10 passengers.

Panoramic Sightseeing in an Open-Air Bus In Belgrade (3,5)

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    U dve reci-sjajno osmisljeno

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    Tura je prekratka. To sto traje sat vremena je pre svega zbog uzasne guzve u gradu. Realno se prodje za 15 min. Razliciti tekstovi na razlicitim jezicima.