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Departure from Novi Sad at 8 am at parking at Hotel Sajam. Our first stop will be at Fantast Castle, the property of the landowner Bogdan Dundjerski. Here we will hear about saga of Dunđerski family – Vojvodina Karington family as one inspiration journalist call them. We will unravel the layers of myths and truths, and the controversial story of the richest family in Vojvodina, which carries in itself a ghostly spirit, but also a part of the curse that is still being talked about today. We will also visit the church where Uros Predić gave frescoes by replacing characters of saints with local people. Attention will certainly attract horse horses and those who want to, will have the opportunity for a little riding or walking through the parks of the castle.

We continue to the castle Ečka near Zrenjanin. We will visit the castle park of Count Lazar Lukač and a church from 1711, in which he once played with Franc List and the main guest was Count Estherhazi. Like many other castles, this is hiding a lot of gloomy stories about the curse of wealth, cube, killings, unhappy love. Kaštel was often visited by Austro - Hungarian prestigious Franc Ferdinand and Serbian prestigious Alexander Karadjordjevic, and today is a 4 * hotel and a favorite place of nature and nature lovers.

After visiting Ečka, we will go to the special nature reserve Carska bara in which over 150 species of birds have been found, including the rarity of European fauna. We will have the opportunity to experience boat rides through protected areas and get to know the rich flora and fauna of this unique area in the world with an interesting guide story. For nature lovers, a health trail is also available at a distance of 4 km.

At the end of the visit of Carska bara, we are going to lunch at the Louise Farm in Belo Blato. Within the farm there is a smaller zoo, while in the restaurant at the farm you can taste the specialties of this village.

Belo Blato represents a unique conglomerate of nations, languages and cultures. A tour of a small Banat village that is famous for having 20 national communities in it. Of the total of seven languages spoken in this place, the most significant are Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovak and Hungarian. After the tour, the return to Novi Sad follows. Arrival around 20h. End of the program.




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