Unusual beauty and magic of Old Mountain - Babin Zub & Midzor, private tour

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Discover the untouched nature, experience Stara Planina, her unusual beauty, power and magic that lies in the intertwined natural and anthropogenic motives. There is no natural monotony. Feel the adrenaline, power and wildness of the mountains, a unique feeling that gives you stay in this undiscovered area.


hiking route
visit to "aerial spa"
trip with terrain vehicle through woods
Midzor peak climb

Tour description:

The Balkan mountain range (Balkan) lies partially in Serbia, and mostly in Bulgaria. It is about 600 km long, and from 30 to 50 km wide. It stretches from Vrska Cuka on the north to the Black sea on the east, and is the extension of the southern Carpathians.

Harmoniously blended intact nature, interesting history, and rich tradition have made the mountain a perfect place for vacation. Especially attractive and significant natural sights on Balkan include the Bigar stream valley, Midzor (the highest peak), the impressive rocks of Babin Zub, the Temstica river meanedrs, to name a few.

Balkan is a protected area, and it is classified as nature park. Village landscapes resemble dreamlike images, such as the ones of a long forgotten paradise!


Day 1 – We depart from Nis at 06:00 AM from the parking lot opposite the City Hall, Vojvode Bojovica Square. We travel through Svrljig, Peris, and Kalna, and we arrive at the plateau in front of the newly built “Stara planina – Falkensteiner” hotel located at Jabucko ravniste. We get ready and begin the route. We climb Babin Zub peak, at an elevation of 1780 m. It is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Balkan mountains, and the view of the surroundings is unforgettable. Rest at the top. We return from Babin Zub northward to the mountain hostel, and to the point from where we started the walk. The hiking route is not difficult, and it requires basic level of physical fitness. The whole route takes about 4, 5 hours. After the route, the group gathers and we travel to the village of Custica, where we are welcomed at one of the best and most beautiful private lodgings on the Balkan mountains, the Sedlar inn. The inn is located at an elevation of 860 metres near the village. It is considered a true “aerial spa” because of the elevation and the surrounding nature. We reach the inn by a terrain vehicle through woods in an atypical adventure. We arrive at the accomodation. Dinner. Sleep.

Day 2 – Wake-up, breakfast. After having breakfast, and getting ready, we start the route. We are transferred to the mountain hostel at Babin Zub (elevation: 1580 m) from where our Midzor peak climb begins. At an elevation of 2169 m, Midzor is the highest peak of the Balkan mountains in Serbia. The distance from the mountain hostel is 8, 6 km, which can be covered in three hours in favourable weather. We return along the same trail to the hostel, pack our equipment, and get ready to return to Nis. We arrive in Nis in the evening. The programme ends.

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

This program is based on at least 6 people from Nis or 8 people from Belgrade. If there occurs a change on the monetary market, commodity market and services, if there is not a sufficient number of travelers, the organizer retains the right to correct the price, change or cancel the program at least 3 days before the beginning of the program. It takes at least 6 people from Nis or 8 people from Belgrade for the departure.

Notes for transport

van/bus (depends on number of passengers)

Note for accommodation

The Sedlar inn can accommodate up to 35 guests. They offer single, double, and multi bedrooms with bathrooms. It has a restaurant with local cuisine. Meal Prices: Breakfast – (gibanica, proja, strained yogurt, scrambled eggs, belmuz, etc.) 400 din, (3,5e). Lunch – (soup, potato and sausage, beans, moussaka, stuffed pepper, salad, etc.) 600 din, (5e). Dinner – (pork goulash, venison goulash, macaroni and cheese, porridge and meat, etc) 500 din, (4,5e).

Included in price

One overnight stay in the house
Guiding service
Travel organization expenses

Not included in price

Individual expenses

Notes on dressing

Don’t forget to bring: Sneakers or climbing shoes, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, spare pants, sun glasses, a cap, suntan cream. It’s also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack. The house has two floors, a shared kitchen and bathroom. It offers 3 triple bed and one double bed rooms. You prepare your meals by yourself! Don’t forget: bathing suits/bikini, a towel, a camera, spare clothes and footwear, and as always-high spirits!

Terms of payment

This program is based on at least 8 applied people. If there occurs a change on the monetary market, commodity market and services, if there is not a sufficient number of travelers, the organizer retains the right to correct the price, change or cancel the program at least 3 days before the beginning of the program. It takes at least 6 people from Nis or 8 people from Belgrade for the departure. DODATI CENE ZA MANJI BROJ PUTNIKA! DODATI CENU ZA POLAZAK IZ BEOGRADA!

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