Unforgettable Uvac - One day private tour from Zlatibor

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Come with us on UVAC LAKE and meet most beautiful nature phenomenon of river meanders, and feel the fly of magnificent griffon vultures, protected species of birds above your heads.


Bout ride,
Watching birds

Tour description:

The area of Uvac has always been known as countryside of great natural beauty. Here, people interfered directing the nature, making dams on the river and with the help of agriculture measures and tourism finally came the moment to connect their work to the natural inheritance and show it to the whole world. It is the winning combination. This place simply invites to enjoy it.

Come to the Uvac trip with us and make sure that this part of Serbia is really the connection of tradition and nature.

Departure is 8:00 from bus station from Zlatibor, or from Uzice.

Approximately 30 km from Užice, or 10 from Zlatibor settlment we’ll stop in the place called Vodice, one of the most beautiful parts of mountain Zlatibor. It is trully place for making of photos.  Since the 19th century this place has been an inspiration to numerous artists.Many painters decided to live there, and to picturing in that place. Famous pine trees (which can be “blamed” for the name of this mountain – Zlatibor is derived of the words golden and pine tree) are nearby.

We continue our journey across the new highway which is specific for its 7 bridges, the landscapes are beautiful from the road.

When we get to Uvac Lake, griffon vulture will welcomed us. It is a kind of eagle, the scavenger. There people like to say that it is an European condor. This species was endangered and almost extinct, but thanks to the Government which established the reservation, and thanks the volunteers  today it is a bird that flies freely not only above this area but even further.

Uvac is an artificial lake made by building dams on the same name river  in 1981. At the same time it is a protected natural reservation which is the habitat of griffon vulture. At about 10 o’clock we’ll get on the touristic boat. With an experienced driver we’ll sail the lake. After the longer boat ride we’ll get off under the Frozen Cave that belongs to Uvac cave system. The cave is more than 6 km long, but we’ll walk to the 2nd hall, it is about 400 hundred meters.There is no current, but all of us get the lamp, and we start enjoy the cave.  You will see the amazing shapes of stalactite covered by silicon dioxide which makes them glitter when you turn the lamp towards them. The road through the cave is safe.

After the cave, the next getting off is on the sandbar which leads through the forest to the viewpoint. Twenty minute walk uphill will get us to the place where you can enjoy the great view to the Uvac meanders. They are the natural river curves and in the touristic terms they are one of the trademarks of the whole Serbia. Almost every advertisement and brochure of Serbian tourism includes the photos of the Uvac meanders. We will passing about 100 meters attitude. From that viewpoint we can see the old medieval fortress.

In returnig back we can go to Stitkovo, it is part of Zlatar mountain, That place encourages from XIII centuru. Today in the willage livs only 9 people. and it is a part of cultural hertrig of Serbia.

For extra charge it is possible organize a lunch, in restoraunt ZLATARSKI BISERI on Zlatar mountian.

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2 days before start of the tour.

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Private car

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Licenced tour guide
boat ride
tickets for enter in cave and ticket for enter I natural reservat of Uvac.

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take a warm clothes, because of cave

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children are welcoming

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more travelers less price

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Price for one person is 80 euro. Two person 49 eur per person. Three to eight person 45 euro per person.