Uvac Nature Reserve

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Visit Uvac Nature Reserve, enjoy its non-touched nature and admire the magnificent Griffon vulture!


Visiting Special Nature Reserve Uvac
Cruising Uvac lake (or alternative if weather conditions don't allow the cruise)
Walk to the viewpoint

Tour description:

The tour departs from your preferred location in Belgrade at 6 am.

Visiting Special Reserve of Nature Uvac – one of the most popular nature destinations in Serbia. The most significant among its numerous protected species is Griffon vulture - the 3 meter wingspan bird, very rare species in this area. It is possible to notice them flying during the 4 hour boat cruise along the Uvac lake. Uvac is also known for its meanders which are of the most beautiful nature spots in Serbia. The breathtaking panoramic view can be captured after 20 minutes walking to the viewpoint, where exploring the reserve ends.

The tour lasts 15 h, so arrival to Belgrade is late in the evening. The guide will drop you off at your preferred location.

Comfortable clothes and shoes are required.

2 persons are minimum for realization of the tour.

Note: if cruise cannot be organized due to bad weather conditions, the alternative will be provided.

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

24 h prior to the tour

Guide language


Notes for transport

Pick up at 6 am and drop off after the tour at your hotel or other preferred location in Belgrade

Included in price

Entrance to Special Reserve
Cruise ticket (or alternative)
English speaking tour guide

Not included in price

Lunch and drinks
Personal expenses
Tips (optional)

Notes on dressing

Casual clothes, comfortable shoes (suitable for walking)

Notes on benefits

2 persons are minimum for realization of the tour

Terms of payment

Payment required 1 day before the tour. Free cancellation - 24 h prior to the tour

Uvac Nature Reserve (4,5)

  1. Ruichao Zhu

    Great day out to the spectacular untouched nature of Serbia. The view of the river is gorgeous and it is amazing to see so many vultures. The guide Darko was very responsible and made the tour very smooth. Highly recommend this tour.