Sremski Karlovci, monasteries of Fruška gora mountains and cruising on the Danute and Tisa river

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Explore Sremski Karlovci, visit two monasteries, enjoy in winetasing and experience Danube shore and its beauties


Visit Sremski Karlovci
Visit Krusedol monastery
Visit Grgeteg monastery (or Velika Remeta)
Danube and Tisa cruise in Slankamen

Tour description:

Departure from Novi Sad from the parking in front of Hotel Sajam at 08h. Arrival in Sremski Karlovci, a small baroque town on Fruska gora slopes, the center of education and culture during the resettlement of Serbs from Kosovo until the beginning of the 20th century.

Walking sightseeing tour of the city and visit some of the most important historical and cultural sites. 

Continue to  Krušedol Monastery - the most important monastery on Fruska gora, founded by Vladika Maksim (Đorđe Branković) with his mother despotic Angelina - the last despotic family of medieval Serbia. The monastery church is dedicated to the Holly Virgin Mary which keeps the oldest frescoes from the middle of the 16th century. These are the most important examples of Baroque painting in Serbia. All members of the family Branković, Kralj Milan Obrenović, Knjeginja Ljubica, Arsenije III Čarnojević, Arsenije II Jovanović, and Stevan Šupljik are buried in the monastery. After Krušedol we will visit another Fruska Gora monastery - Grgeteg, a female monastery with a church of Saint Nicholas. In this monastery, next to the iconostasis painted by Uros Predic in 1902, there is the icon of the Mother of God, “Of the Three Hands After Grgeteg, we leave Fruska Gora and head to the Danube, more precisely, we continue to the Stojšić farm, where we will have a break for lunch with good wine and brandy.

Visit Slankamen village, one of the oldest places in Srem. We will get on board and take a cruise up to the confluence of the Tisa in the Danube. Enjoying the boat ride on the Danube after which we go to the winery Acumicum and tasting the wine. Return to Novi Sad in the evening.

Dates of departure:

Sun 28.07.2019
Sun 25.08.2019
Sun 29.09.2019
Sun 27.10.2019

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Parking ispred hotela Sajam 08 h -

Conditions for free cancellation

Free cancellation 3 days before departure

Guide language

English, other languages on a request

Notes for transport

Program is realized with bus up to 30 seats. This trip is organized with minimum 25 persons and maximum 30 persons in the group.

Included in price

Tranfer by minibus or bus according the itinerary and program
Licensed English speaking guide (or other language on a request)
Entrance fee for Krusedol monastery
Boat ride in Slankamen 5€
Travel agency organization costs

Not included in price

Lunch on salas Stojsic - approx. 9 EUR per person, payment while booking
Drinks during the meal
wine tasting 4€
Individual Costs

Notes about children

Childeren haven't a winetasing.

Terms of payment

Advanced payment of 30% of the total ammount while booking, the rest no longer than 10 days before the departure. Promotional price is for total payment 10 days before departure.

Sremski Karlovci, monasteries of Fruška gora mountains and cruising on the Danute and Tisa river (5)

  1. Ramona Frindik

    Program ove ture je jako dobar. Zahvaljujemo se organizatorima, vodiču (milina ga je bilo slušati) i vozaču! Sve naj naj :) :) :)

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