Fruška Gora Bike Tour

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Explore a former island in the Panonian Sea which is the oldest Serbian National Park and a true nature's jewel on bike!


Cycling through Fruška Gora
Visiting monasteries on customer's request
Cycling on challenging paths on customer's request

Tour description:

We start the tour at 7:00 or 14:00 at the address from which you want our guides to pick you up. After that, we are moving to Fruška Gora. Fruška Gora, a former island in the Panonian Sea, is Serbia’s oldest National Park and and a true nature’s jewel. Dominating the surrounding Panonain Plain, it holds countless rare examples of plant and animal life and priceless cultural and historical legacy. 

Fruška Gora is perfect for mountain biking as due to its natural beauty, convenient roads and no-traffic paths, Fruška Gora is a true paradise for cyclists. Most of the trails are marked and will guide you through the beautiful deciduous or coniferous forests, over pastures and meadows, connecting the natural and cultural attractions of this region. Almost any of our paths will take you to one of Fruška Gora’s 16 monasteries.

Based on your preference, our guides will choose from a wide variety of tracks, for different skills and technical experience – road paths or forest tracks with mild rises or extreme crossings over ridges and peaks. At all times, you can stop at a local hikers’ homes, for short brake or refreshment or while driving stop at sight points and experience exceptional nature’s scenes.

Fruška Gora is home to a Serbian MTB Marathon and also offers some extremely difficult and very technical tracks, designed for more professional riders, looking for high adrenaline experiences. And yes, we can take you there! The end of the tour is scheduled for 12pm if it is a morning or 17pm when it comes to the afternoon tour, at the address from which we started.

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

In case you are cancelling the booking the following policy will be applied: 100% refund 30 days in advance 80% refund 29-20 days in advance 50% refund 19-7 days in advance 0% refund less than 7 days in advance If service is cancelled by Bike Adventure doo Belgrade you will be offered an alternate date/time/location. If you don’t agree to the offered alternate date/time/location, you will receive 100% refund.

Guide language

English, Serbian

Notes for transport

Ride from your accommodation in Belgrade to destination and back in comfortable 7-seaters equipped with air condition and complimentary WiFi for your convenience Cycling on destination by high-quality aluminum frame mountain bikes (27.5’’ Scott Aspect Mountain Bike).

Included in price

transport to the location and back
bike guide
backpack & nutrition

Notes on dressing

As you will ride up to 3 hours we advise you to dress comfortable, in sports clothing and if possible dress in layers so you can remove them or put them back on as you feel the need. Also bear in mind our location is outside of the city and will most likely be a couple of degrees colder than Belgrade. Of course, to enjoy your ride you don’t need the fancy and expensive bike clothing. We also advise you to bring some sunglasses, they’ll come in handy not just for the sun but also to protect your eyes from the environment. Additionally, show up in a good spirit and in a positive mood.

Notes about children

We require our customers to be minimum 18 years old. If you’re coming on a trip with your parent or legal guardian, then you have to be minimum 16 years old.

Notes on benefits

As tours are organized with departures at 7am and 14pm every day, while booking you need to emphasize the departure time Bike rides are adjusted for all levels of driver's experience, from beginner to professional If there are certain restrictions in the diet, it is necessary to emphasize them during the booking

Terms of payment

Payment must be made before the tour

Fruška Gora Bike Tour (4)

  1. Nicholas Merckling

    Overall, my cousin and I had a very enjoyable experience! Our guide picked us up promptly in front of our apartment, and immediately we were off to Fruška Gora. Once parked, we received our packs (a great backpack, water, and snacks for the day), and the bikes, which were comfortable and fit our sizes perfectly. The ride itself was fun: we were able to experience the park, and stop at one of the monasteries, which was stunning. We were also able to visit Sremski Karlovci. We were slightly disappointed that we couldn't visit a second monastery, and that we had to take a longer route back to the car, but this was due to recent inclement weather and warnings posted by the park rangers - therefore, it was out of the control of the company. In total, we both thought that this was a great way to see some of Serbia's most impressive sites, while also being active. Rather than sit on a bus all day, we were able to get out and actually explore! We'd definitely recommend both this tour and the company!