Magical Pester plateau - Photo safary

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Infinite space, miles of fields and grazing land, a foolish passage ... A picture that tells thousands of words ... ... and one is its name - Pester.



Tour description:

Infinite space, miles of fields and grazing land, a foolish passage ... A picture that tells thousands of words ... ... and one is its name - Pester. On the collapse of three sandzak municipalities of Novi Pazar, Tutin and Sjenica, Pesterska plateau was located. Inexhaustible source of healthy food; great inspiration for dreamers and curious people; never fully explored, the Pesters Plateau remains in the expectation of the first tourists to leave a trail (author N.N.).

The program:

Desparture in front of the palace by appointment at the agreed date.As part of this tour,visitors will have the opportunity to visit:sand caves(katune) in the villages of Tuzinje.Katuni,that is,flats represents autonomous human objects where people live on this pleteau.Visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the greater part od the sandstone pletaeu,the way of life of the pester natives and try the pester specialtes.Then the path leads us to a feeding area for bids,vultures and mammals.Within the feeding area there is an object from which these animals can be observed,photographed and studied. Then we expect a walking tour,we where conquer the top of mountain Trojans(1347mnv).The walking tour takes about two hours and is medium in weight. We enjoy the scenes of:Golija,Kule,Ninaje,Jadovnik,Prokletije...After winnig the summit we go to the source Djurdjevica,where:,,St.George,according to tradition,killed a two- headed expectant.Upon returning to Sjenica,there is a possibility to have a lunch at some of the best roasters in Sjenica in the village of Duga Poljana.Departure for Sjenica.Arrival at the departure point.End of service.



Dates of departure:

Sat 11.07.2020
Tue 14.07.2020
Sat 18.07.2020
Tue 21.07.2020
Sat 25.07.2020
Tue 28.07.2020
Fri 31.07.2020
Sat 01.08.2020
Tue 04.08.2020
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Tue 11.08.2020
Sat 15.08.2020
Tue 18.08.2020
Sat 22.08.2020
Tue 25.08.2020
Sat 29.08.2020
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Tue 20.10.2020
Sat 24.10.2020
Tue 27.10.2020
Sat 31.10.2020
Tue 03.11.2020
Sat 07.11.2020
Tue 10.11.2020
Sat 14.11.2020
Tue 17.11.2020
Sat 21.11.2020

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
09.00am -
Uvac 08.30am 5 EUR

Conditions for free cancellation

10 days before the start of the tour, free cancellation.

Guide language

English, French, Greek

Notes for transport

comfortable luxury car or jeeps-cars have air conditioning and all accessories.

Included in price

local guide;
ticketc for SRP,,Peštersko polje";

Not included in price

lunch in the village Duga Poljana;
accomodation in the hotel ,,Borovi";
individual costs;

Notes on dressing

There may be something fresher in these destinations, so it's advisable to bring warmer clothes as well.

Notes about children

Children from 2-6 years, pay 1500 dinars(14 euro) arrangement.

Notes on benefits

The minimum number of persons for the tour is 3.

Terms of payment

40% when booking, and the rest 3 days before the trip!

Price from * : 20 €

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