Vip transfer - from the airport Nikola Tesla to Belgrade

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We offer transfers from the airport or port to your hotel or to or from place of your choice with the professional driver.


Airport pick up
Waiting at the airport up to 2 hours free of char

Tour description:

Enjoy a VIP welcome to Belgrade, with a private transfer from Nikola Tesla airport in a luxury air-conditioned vehicle. Your professional driver will greet you at the airport, carry your luggage for you and escort you to your hotel or rental apartment in Belgrade, while you sit back and enjoy the views. In case of flight delay, our driver will wait for you up to 2 hours free of charge. 

The transfer is done in a private car and not shared, with a capacity of 4 passengers. 

Our service you can pay with your VISA or Master card on the spot or with Paypal in advance. 

If you make your reservation a minimum 4 days before the transfer you can book Belgrade airport transfer to Belgrade city center with a promotional price. 

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it doesn’t matter when is your flight departure. Our vehicles are always tidy, technically correct and reliable and the drivers are neat and responsible.

During the reservation process, please write your date and expected a time of your arrival to Belgrade airport and also flight number, address in Belgrade and number of persons. Also, write how you want to pay. 
The price is per vehicle, not per person. In reservation mark one person but in note write the exact number of passengers. 

Dates of departure:

Fri 25.10.2019
Sat 26.10.2019
Sun 27.10.2019
Mon 28.10.2019
Tue 29.10.2019
Wed 30.10.2019
Thu 31.10.2019
Fri 01.11.2019
Sat 02.11.2019
Sun 03.11.2019
Mon 04.11.2019
Tue 05.11.2019
Wed 06.11.2019
Thu 07.11.2019
Fri 08.11.2019
Sat 09.11.2019
Sun 10.11.2019
Mon 11.11.2019
Tue 12.11.2019
Wed 13.11.2019
Thu 14.11.2019
Fri 15.11.2019
Sat 16.11.2019
Sun 17.11.2019
Mon 18.11.2019
Tue 19.11.2019
Wed 20.11.2019
Thu 21.11.2019
Fri 22.11.2019
Sat 23.11.2019
Sun 24.11.2019
Mon 25.11.2019
Tue 26.11.2019
Wed 27.11.2019
Thu 28.11.2019
Fri 29.11.2019
Sat 30.11.2019
Sun 01.12.2019
Mon 02.12.2019
Tue 03.12.2019
Wed 04.12.2019
Thu 05.12.2019
Fri 06.12.2019
Sat 07.12.2019
Sun 08.12.2019
Mon 09.12.2019
Tue 10.12.2019
Wed 11.12.2019
Thu 12.12.2019
Fri 13.12.2019
Sat 14.12.2019
Sun 15.12.2019
Mon 16.12.2019
Tue 17.12.2019
Wed 18.12.2019
Thu 19.12.2019
Fri 20.12.2019
Sat 21.12.2019
Sun 22.12.2019
Mon 23.12.2019
Tue 24.12.2019
Wed 25.12.2019
Thu 26.12.2019
Fri 27.12.2019
Sat 28.12.2019
Sun 29.12.2019
Mon 30.12.2019
Tue 31.12.2019
Wed 01.01.2020
Thu 02.01.2020
Fri 03.01.2020
Sat 04.01.2020
Sun 05.01.2020
Mon 06.01.2020
Tue 07.01.2020
Wed 08.01.2020
Thu 09.01.2020
Fri 10.01.2020
Sat 11.01.2020
Sun 12.01.2020
Mon 13.01.2020
Tue 14.01.2020
Wed 15.01.2020
Thu 16.01.2020
Fri 17.01.2020
Sat 18.01.2020
Sun 19.01.2020
Mon 20.01.2020
Tue 21.01.2020
Wed 22.01.2020
Thu 23.01.2020

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

If we accept your request, no cancellation fee applies, if you cancel, minimum 24 h before departure time.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

The maximum is 4 people. In reservation note please put the number of people. This price grants you the right to carry three standard suitcases maximum. If you have extra or significantly heavier luggage, please indicate in the booking. In this case, the price may be subject to change.

Included in price

Waiting at the airport up 2 hours free of charge
One-way private transfer by private vehicle on motorway

Not included in price

For any waiting longer than 2 hours, the extra charge is 250 din per person

Notes about children

Infant seats are available on request. We can provide child seats and boosters. You just need to inform us during reservation how many children or baby seats/boosters your reservation.

Notes on benefits

In case of delayed flight, waiting maximum 2 hours until the announced time will not be charged extra. If your flight is delayed and you let us know minimum 3 hours before the announced time of landing, it's also free of charge. If you are not able to let us know about the delay it will be charged 250 din per hour for waiting and after 120 minutes of waiting it will be charged for every hour of waiting. If your destination is not located at the city center (within tram line 2), a surcharge for transportation is possible. Please indicate the address of the drop off location.

Terms of payment

Payment by Paypal )in advance) or on the spot in cash or with a credit card. If you want to pay with Visa or Master card, please note it in the reservation!

Price from * : 40 €

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