Mokra Gora and Tara private tour 2in 1

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Fell the charm of west Serbia, region which has everything, from great food to great nature. This trip will enable you to discover all of that. Let 's, start and enjoy.



Tour description:

Starting from Zlatibor or Uzice from aggred place. First going to Mokra Gora mountain which is really famus by railroad. railroad was bulit in the begining of 20th century.Today railroad has used for turistic purpose. During the winter time train does not trafic exept few dayes in February. Depend you reserve a tour you will get information about train. If train going, you will fell Mokra gora mountin from the railrod, but if train does not going you wisiting station of Jatare (most beautiful station on rairoad through Mokra Gora) by car.
When the raid will over, we are going to Mecavnik hill, where on the top is situated town which 80% is made of wood. There is possible to take a lunch, and going to cinema where you can watching a very short movie which is made by the owner of the place Emir Kusturica.

Then, the road leads us via village of Kremna, place where in the middle of 19 century lived prophets has a name Tarabic.

After Kremna we starting our climb to Tara, Tara is a mountain of extraordinary beauty. Not only does it hide natural, but men-made sights as well. It became a national park in 1981. And from that moment it is a protected area. Josif Pančić found the only endemic and relict species from our area which can be found only on this mountain. That is Serbian Spruce which has a prefix Pančić, after a botanic who found it.

Tara is famous for its viewpoints. During this tour, we visit two of them- Crnjeskovo (with an amazing view towards the Rača Canyon) Banjska stena (view to the Drina Canyon).

After our visiting of viewpoint, we going to Bajina Basta small city near border with Bosnia and Hercegovina. But before we arrived there we will visiting a shortest river in Serbia has a name river Year because the logitude of the river is 365m, and the it end her course by spectacular water fall in river of Drina. Than we continue to a city on the Drina riverbank. We stop for a short visit to the place where you can see “The House of the Rising Sun”. The photo of this house was among the best photos in the National Geographic photo competition in 2012.

In Tara or Bajina Basta is posibility to stop on the lunch. There are really good restaurants are by all places we will visiting. After lunch slowly we starting to come back in Zlatibor or Uzice.

REMARK: Becuse this tour realizes during a winter time some changes are posible. Reason is bed weather (lot of snow..etc).

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