Plum Fair in Osečina - one-day trip

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Welcome to Osecina. Visit the Plum Fair, taste a home-made plum brandy and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area.  Experience an unforgettable experience you will remember all life!


A visit to the Plum Fair
Visit the church in Osecina
A visit to the memorial complex in Gornja Crniljeva
Visit the church in Pecka
Visit the log church in Skadar
A tour of the Tešman residence

Tour description:

Departure from Belgrade at 7. 30 AM from the parking lot across from TC Usce at Skate Park. Arrival in Osecina at 10 AM.

This place is adorned with two churches and we will visit both of them. The new church, dedicated to the Holy Ascension of the Lord, was built between 1935  and 1940 while the old one was erected at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The Turks repeatedly burned it and the Serbs restored it. It is built of stone and covered with wood and therefore represents a transition from a wooden temple to that built of solid material.

After this, we’ll head to the fairgrounds, where you’ll have two hours for leisure.  During your visit to the Plum Fair, you can also visit the ethnographic exhibition "Golden Hands", which showcase the cultural heritage, not only of the region but also of the whole of Serbia.

At 12. 30 PM we continue to the village Gornja Crniljeva to pay tribute to the tragically deceased Lt. Col. Milenko Pavlovic, who flew in place of his younger counterpart and got killed in unequal air combat with NATO aircraft in 1999.  Here, in his native village, a memorial complex was erected, testifying to his heroism in defense of our country.

Then we visit the memorial church with the ossuary in Pecka dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

Next, we’ll visit the log cabin in Skadar, one of the oldest wooden churches in western Serbia.  The church is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord.

During the tour, we’ll visit many more cultural and historical sites in the area.

Upon returning to Osečina, there is free time for lunch.

During the afternoon, a carnival takes place in the streets of Osečina, ending with an evening concert in the open air. 

Return to Belgrade in the late evening.

Note: Departure on this tour is guaranteed! The excursion is subsidized by the Tourist organization and the Municipality of Osečina.  


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