Fruška Gora East Side Jeep Safari - private tour

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Visit Sremski Karlovci, Strazilovo, Velika Remeta Monastery, and the beautiful Medješ Lake, all in one exciting off-road adventure.


Tour of Sremski Karlovci
Off-road driving through Fruška Gora
Tour of Velika Remeta Monastery
Tour of Lake Medes Lunch
Lunch and dinner in Cortanovci
Sports activities

Tour description:

Tour description:

Departure at 9. 30 AM from Sremski Karlovci, followed by a tour of the center of this Baroque town on the slopes of Fruska Gora. After the tour, an off-road ride through the forests of Fruška Gora to Velika Remeta follows. 

The following is a tour of the Monastery of Velika Remet and the Medjues lake of Fruska Gora. 

After lunch, we make the drive to Čortanovci, more precisely to Laguna's place. Optional sports activities (badminton, volleyball, rope-pulling competition, soccer, Frisbee) and enjoying the beautiful view of the Danube with local wine and delicious dinner. 

We part about 8.00 PM  Starting points can also be from Čortanovci or Sremski Karlovci.   

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Jeep drive
Lunch and dinner in Čortanovci

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