Jeep Tour on Mount Fruška Gora

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6 h
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This tour will be perfect for those of you who love old-timer jeeps, off-road drives, places less visited and who don’t mind a bit of dust and mud! There’s more than meets the eye to Mt Fruška Gora and on this adventurous ride we will show you some of its less known spots. Add to this honest, domestic food and drinks as well as the allure of the mighty Danube and we are sure you will enjoy an unforgettable day with us.


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Tour description:

Our meeting point is by the Danube in the village of Čortanovci. (If you need transfer from your home or hotel to the departure point, please contact us and we will arrange it for you.) First things first: we will enjoy our breakfast and welcome drinks on a small floating house on the Danube.

After breakfast it’s time to get on our World War Two American Jeeps owned by old-timer enthusiasts from Čortanovci. We will first drive on dirt roads that follow the Danube to reach the charming and historic town of Sremski Karlovci (we can also arrange sightseeing of the town on demand). Passing through this small town we enter the confines of the National Park and reach the town’s favorite excursion point Stražilovo.

From here we head up the mountain through groves and forests and then over its top on the other side to the monastery of Grgeteg, a place of contemplation with a beautiful iconostasis by the famous fin de siecle artist Paja Jovanović. Back on our dirt-roads we drive to another Serbian Orthodox monastery – Velika Remeta, best known for its eight-floors tall belfry. Not far away is Ubavica, a spring of mineral water deemed curative by the locals. Our ride continues through orchards and fields and brings us to Krušedol monastery, the most famous and richest in art treasures from all sixteen Orthodox monasteries of Fruška Gora.

After a respite on tarmac roads we come back to Čortanovci where we will visit Kozarica spring and the ruins of Roman frontier post Castra Herculis. Back on the terrace of our floating house it’s now time for lunch, complete with delicious home-made sweets, locally produced wine, rakija and juices.

We will wrap up our day with a boat ride on the Danube where we will watch the sun slowly set behind the thickets on the riverbanks.

On demand, we can also organize an overnight stay in the floating house or in the rooms of the nearby inn “Kao kod kuće”.


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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Notes for transport

transport to departure point

Included in price

lunch, including locally produced beverages
jeep ride of approximately 50km
sightseeing of Sremski Karlovci, Stražilovo, Fruška Gora Mountain, two monasteries, springs
licensed tourist guide
boat ride on the Danube

Not included in price

Transfer to departure point is not included in the price. The village of Čortanovci lies south of Novi Sad from which it takes about 20 minutes by car to reach it. Driving from Belgrade to Čortanovci will take about 70 minutes or 50 minutes via highway.
Doručak sa tradicionalnim sremačkim specijalitetima 300 din po osobi
Poseta Sremskim Karlovcima - program i cena po dogovoru
Vožnja čamcem do Krčedinske Ade ili Koviljsko Petrovaradinskog rita

Notes on dressing

Comfortable clothes

Notes on benefits

Group can range from 3 to 20 persons. Your whole ride can, on demand, be photographed or recorded.

Terms of payment

* Za organizovane grupe organizujemo prevoz iz Novog Sada uz doplatu od 500 din po osobi za 6-8 osoba.