Kalemegdan Tour - Segway

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1,5 h
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A new way to enjoy yourself with friends or loved ones - rent a Segway vehicle and enjoy in a smooth ride!


Tour famous Belgrade attractions on an eco-friendly Segway vehicle.

Tour description:

Where will we go?

Coffee and paperwork (10min)
To wake up and get to know each other

Brief familiarization with the Segways (10mins)
The controls are intuitive and easy to master. You will quickly ride as though you were born on a Segway.

Belgrade pier – open arms of Belgrade

We start with a light ride from the pier and continue towards Beton hall

The Beton hall
Once a storage area, this location has become a symbol for Belgrade’s gastronomic nightlife.

We continue to the plateau at Nebojsa tower
Learn the stories that this famous old tower hides, as well as tales from the Great War Isle, Belgrade rivers and much more.

We continue along Danube to the complex to the fallen defenders of Belgrade in WWI
Learn the stories of fallen Serbian heroes.

Our light ride continues to Novak Djokovic’s tennis courts
Novak Djokovic needs no special introduction – a star tennis player who thanks to his recent victory in the French Open has become the third male tennis player in history, and the first in the last 50 years, to hold all four Grand Slam titles at once. Exceptional athlete and humanitarian who has been representing us positively in the world for years.

We proceed along the courts and S Gale Muskatirovic (formerly 25th of May) towards Beo Zoo
Belgrade zoo has always been a magical place in the thoughts of Belgrade people who remember it whenever they think of the most beautiful moments of their childhood.

Tour continues by touring Kalemegdan
We will pass along the plateaus in front of the Zuzoric Pavillion and above the confluence of Sava and Danube and learn about the history of this location.

We proceed by touring the monument of Gratitude to France, the monument to the Victor, the Grand staircase while enjoying the view of Sava

We return along the same route to the start.

Dates of departure:

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

At least 12h before the scheduled time.

Guide language

English, Serbian

Notes for transport

Preferred flat shoes

Included in price

Tour guide
Segway vehicle

Notes about children

Must be above 10 years old to ride.

Notes on benefits

Optional: 20 eur for one hour extra include drive across Knez Mihajlova street, Saborna church, Konak Kneginje LJubice, Port and "Beton hall" - Beton - hala with a lot of caffes and restaurants on the bank od Sava river.

Terms of payment

Cash Possibilities for credit card payments