Belgrade Underground tour

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Belgrade underground reveals the most hidden secrets of this city! Rich history is kept by caves, dungeons, walled rivers, tunnels, bunkers, and numerous constructions demolished and built by nations that settled here during time.


* Poseta Rimskoj dvorani
Poseta Rimskog bunara i bunkera iz II sv. rata
Poseta velikom barutnom magacinu
Degustacija vina

Tour description:

Underground tells the legend about Belgrade from Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period. Everyone of these époques carries authentic charm. The first stop of the tour is Roman Hall that preserves the tower of the main gate of the Roman fortress from 2nd  century. Roman Well will fascinate you, and army bunker from the period of Informbiro  reveals the spy secrets and President Tito’s political games between great forces after the World War II. Route continues in big gunpowder warehouse where walls tell the stories about  defense of Christian Europe from Turkish Empire. This warehouse is now Roman lapidarium that keeps sarcophagus, tombs and altars from territory of Serbia. Final point of the tour is wine cellar that exudes the time of Serbian liberation from the Turkish rule. Ideal way to end the tour is to enjoy wine degustation.  Visit to these sights portray stories about unusual history of Belgrade,  various human destinies  and legends, and enigmas  that stimulate  the curios ity of history and culture connoisseurs.

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