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3,5 h
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Sail the Danube and experience the Petrovaradin fortress and Novi Sad, Ribarsko ostrvo, Kamenjar from a new perspective.The experience of Novi Sad and the environment will leave you breathless!

Tour description:

Departure from the Fisherman's Island at 11 o'clock.

Tour of the Petrovaradin fortress and Novi Sad from the water, sailing by Ribarsko ostrvo and Kamenjar, to the location of the sand island locally called "Cat's sandbank".

Drinks optional at the beach bar in Rakovac Channel (extra charge).

Return to the Fisherman's Island.

Lunch optional at the restaurant in Ribarsko Ostrvo (extra charge).



Dates of departure:

Fri 07.08.2020
Sat 08.08.2020
Sun 09.08.2020
Mon 10.08.2020
Tue 11.08.2020

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