Jeep Off-Road Tour to Fruška Gora Mount

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1 day
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Explore the Fruška Gora Mount on the one-day trip, visit its lakes and monasteries, have a great time and enjoy this unforgettable jeep adventure!

Tour description:

Our adventure begins in Novi Sad, from the place that suits you and at the time you choose. 

We will ride across the Liberty Bridge and continue our drive along the Danube river towards Rakovac and the Beli Majdan Cave, also known as the Rakovac Cave. The cave was probably formed by the excavation of stone for the construction of the nearby Rakovac Monastery, which we will also look at. The Kesten viewpoint is also nearby, offering a magnificent view of Novi Sad and the southern slopes of the Fruska Gora Mount. 

No less attractive view is provided from the Zmajevac, the popular excursion site and a lookout point, where all travelers stop to enjoy a fantastic view of Srem and Vrdnik.

We continue our journey to the Vrdnik Tower, which is believed to had been erected in the Roman times, as one of the fortifications that served to protect the Srem area and the city of Sirmium. 

 It is assumed that the tower was built by the Roman Emperor Prob, who ruled the area since 274.  do 282.  of the new era. The tower was destroyed by the Huns in 441.  It was later rebuilt and subsequently destroyed by the Avars, and was last demolished by the Turks in the 16th century, after which it was abandoned. 

As a part of our adventure, we will visit Bešenovo Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Fruska Gora Mount. T

During our jeep adventure, we will also visit the Mala Remeta Monastery, which, according to the tradition, was erected by Serbian King Dragutin Nemanjić and was dedicated to the feast of the Virgin Mary.  

As a part of this adventure, we'll visit the Brankovac and the Dumbovo Waterfall. However, we must note that a visit to the waterfall requires good physical fitness. 

Depending on the departure from Novi Sad, we'll have lunch or dinner at the Fruška Gora Lugarnica Ethno Village or at the Beli čin restaurant in Beočin, after which we will taste wine at the Šijački Winery. 

We'll return to Novi Sad according to your wishes, although in practice, rarely anyone wants to go home or a hotel) after such a perfect adventure yes.








Dates of departure:

Fri 07.08.2020
Sat 08.08.2020
Sun 09.08.2020
Mon 10.08.2020
Tue 11.08.2020

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