Cruising the Iron Gate - The best-selling one day excursion in Serbia!

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Sail with us down the largest and most beautiful gorge in Europe! Discover the power of the Danube, see the famed Tabula Traiana, head of Decebalus and the Lepenski Vir archeological site.


Visit of the Golubac Fortress
Lunch at the Kapetan Mišin Breg Hill restaurant
Enjoying the viewpoint in Donji Milanovac
Sailing the Iron Gate
Visit of Lepenski Vir archeological site

Tour description:

Departure from Novi Sad by bus at 6. 30 AM from the parking lot in front of the Hotel Sajam (nearby the former Gold Medal restaurant); departure from New Belgrade at 8. 00 AM (at Skate Park across from the Usce Mall near the Branko Bridge).

Follows a two-hour bus ride to the medieval Golubacka fortress. Visiting the Visitor Center and the promenade.  Otherwise, this mighty fortress from the 15th century was proclaimed a cultural monument of exceptional importance.  As you know, the Golubačka Fortress has recently been completely restored and is considered one of the most beautiful and preserved fortresses in Europe!

For an extra charge of only 250 dinars, you’ll be able to see the interior of the Fortress and visit the Lower Town, through which you’ll be guided by a local tourist guide. After visiting the fortress, we continue our bus journey towards Donji Milanovac.

Upon arrival in Donji Milanovac, you’ll have lunch at a beautiful restaurant called the Captain Mišin Hil (at about 12. 30 PM), where you’ll be able to taste famous Vlach delicacies. On this, according to most tourists the most beautiful vantage point, you’ll enjoy the spectacular view of the Danube River and the cozy atmosphere of this amazing space.

Follows a one-hour bus ride to Tekije. There we’ll embark on a boat and begin an hour and a half long cruise to Djerdap Gorge, the deepest gorge in Europe and the largest National park in Serbia! We’ll sail through Mali Kazan (between which the water is incredible 90 meters deep!). You’ll see ancient signal stations, King Decebal's head on the Romanian side, as well as the famous Trajan's Plaque on the Serbian side which can’t be seen other way than from the water.

After the cruise is over, we head to the Lepenski Vir, the oldest archeological site in Europe if not in the World! This locality was the seat of one of the most important Neolithic cultures who lived in the area 9.500 years ago! This settlement is older than the Pyramids of Giza (2. 560 BC) or any other known ancient city (Jerusalem, Beirut, Damascus, and Aleppo in Syria, Biblos in Lebanon). Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this place is actually the cradle of the European civilization.

The return to Belgrade is scheduled for about  9.00 PM and in Novi Sad about 10.30 PM. 

Note: There’s the possibility to change the order of the program – you can first to go on a cruise and then to lunch.  

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
850 RSD

Conditions for free cancellation

The promotional price is valid only for reservations and payments up until 4 days before the departure. It is possible to cancel the trip with full reimbursement up to 5 days before the departure day.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

A van or a mini bus with up to 30 seats, depending on number of passengers. Passengers starting from Novi Sad need to pay additional 8 eur. Minimal number of passengers from Novi Sad is 10.

Included in price

Transportation with a tourist class bus or a van, depending ona
number of passengers
A licensed tourist guide
Ticket for Visitor Center Golubac Fortress(2 €)
boat ride on the Danube
lunch on Kapetan Mišin Breg farm

Not included in price

Entry ticket for Green Zone of Golubac Fortress (2€) Children up to 18 yrs: free: Visit the Palace and Towers 9, 8, 5.
Entry ticket for Lepenski Vir (4€) Children up to 15 yrs: 1€
individual passenger expenses

Notes about children

Children have a seat on a bus and a children’s menu on the farm.

Notes on benefits

The promotional price is valid up to 4 days prior to departure. The minimal number of passengers needed is 25. In case of changes on the monetary market or a smaller number of passengers the organizer reserves the right to change the price, change the program or cancel the trip at latest 3 days before the departure. In case a passenger cancels the cancellation rates of YUTA are applied. Every 11 th passenger travels for free. This program can be carried out on different dates as well. Additional discounts are negotiable if the trip takes place Monday through Thursday.

Terms of payment

Passengers starting from Novi Sad need to pay additional 8 eur. Minimal number of passengers from Novi Sad is 10.