Cruising the Iron Gate

This trip is special because the sightseeing and enjoyment already start in the bus. Driving on the road is a real joy. The road is like a scene from postcards, and Danube is next to us almost all the time. The ride looks shorter than it is, because it is impossible to not get lost in the beauty that could be seen through the windows of the bus. And the tour guide stories gave us important and interesting facts about the areas that we were passing.

Smederevo, Viminacium and Silver Lake

On Sunday morning the TV forecast said there will be rain, but our curious group of tourists were ready to escape it - to phenomenal places that only Serbia can offer. And indeed, we avoided the rain all day, the sun was welcoming us on every place we visited. The gray clouds and the moody atmosphere on the road were additionally forgotten by the stories of our energetic tour guide.

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