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If you think of a real adventure in Serbia, the first six words that come to your mind should be spontaneity, people, delicious food, laughter, and friendship. Of course, for having a really good time, you need to add a handful of positive energy and a craving for breathtaking nature you’re about to take in.

My Perfect Bike Adventure

If you crave for a day spent in untouched nature with a group of true nature lovers and enthusiasts, then explore Fruška Gora Mount and Sremski Karlovci in the most adventurous way – by bicycle! Whether you’re an MTB lover or just an enthusiastic tourist who likes to ride a bicycle, this tour will surely meet your expectations!

The Drina, the bridge and the "Chira" train

For me, the especially inspiring journeys are those in areas of exceptional and unusual natural beauties. Western Serbia is definitely that. For the purpose of this blogpost, only a small part of the attractions that you must see during this visit to this part of Serbia will be highlighted.

A magical weekend in eastern Serbia

Vineyards, wine cellars, wine - these are the first associations for the eastern part of Serbia. A sunny region with sweet grapes of various types really justifies the term "wine region". For the wine lovers, the journey to these areas is a delight, both in flavors and scents, as well as in the "eye-catching" natural beauties.

Things to do and see in Belgrade

The capital of Serbia emerged from isolation and troubles in 2001 and soon became a destination for those in the know. A few years later and it came to be publicized as a destination for backpackers and youth – rough, cheap, welcoming. In the last decade it definitely re-appeared on the map of popular destinations in Europe and now hundreds of thousands of tourists, young and old, well-off or hitchhikers, from East or West arrive...

Kosovo and Metohija - A completely unique travel experience

If people knew how much cultural treasure is hiding in Kosovo and Metohija, they would immediately cancel all their trips to Rome, Paris or Vienna. And if they knew that the media has been creating a false picture and that they are completely safe in Kosovo as tourists - the attractions in Kosovo and Metohija would be crowded with visitors.

The Iron Gates: the widest, narrowest and deepest in Danube

Danube needs no introduction. Countless the poets, composers, painters, writers it has inspired. 2,000 years ago it served as the frontier of the Roman Empire, whilst, now, traverses ten countries and connects four capital cities. It is, without a doubt, the most important waterway in Central Europe and countless civilizations flourished on its banks.

A fairy tale journey through Vojvodina fields

If you thought that fairy tales were reserved only for those who have blue blood - then you were wrong. Fairy tales, just a century or two ago were reserved for the members of the Dunđerski family, which two of the three castles that we visited belonged to. Of course, when you start this trip you should exclude the expectation that you will see something like Disney's castles. Here you will see modest but very lovely buildings that lead us...

Subotica – the most graceful city of Serbia

Located on the north, Subotica is a little charming city full of Central European influence in its architecture – which the city carries with such beauty. Even if it has that familiar Vojvodinian spirit, Subotica is still unique and different from other cities of Serbia. The thing I love the most about this city is its peacefulness, life without rush, easy steps on the main road and art nouveau style that doesn't look too intimidating but really graceful.

Zlatibor – air spa full of authentic attractions

If Zlatibor doesn’t have any other attractions, I would still come back to it because of the clear fresh air, similar to the one of the Alps. This beautiful mountain is the best place you could “take” your lungs to. Even a day on Zlatibor and its fresh air brings an extraordinary type of energy that we bring home. I am not saying that without a clear fact – Zlatibor is known...

Sremski Karlovci – city of wine that bathes us in beauty

In my opinion, Sremski Karlovci is like Vojvodina packed in a little city – harmonious and peaceful environment that’s ideal for visiting in any time of the year. It’s picturesque from every single angle you lay your eye on. Even if I’m not a poet, this city inspires me to write about wine and love whenever I visit it. Wine – because this is the city of wine. Love – because its streets look infinitely romantic and if you’re not in love...

Novi Sad – The alluring charmer

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, and the ones who plan to visit it for the first time can expect to see a complete contrast from the capital Belgrade. You’ll feel like you’re not in a small city, and on the other hand, you’ll also feel that there isn’t the characteristic rush and traffic jams that can be seen in almost all cities with this size. It’s considered a great thing, mostly because after all the sightseeing you can’t feel...

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