Wine Tasting in Sremski Karlovci

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Taste gorgeous wines in the small baroque town on Danube shore


wine tasting

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On this tour you will experience two essential features of the beautiful town of Sremski Karlovci without which it’s impossible to understand: its history and its wine. This small town at the foot of Mt Fruška Gora was in the past the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the center of Serbian culture and education. It was also a place that has for centuries been known for its wine production and where each house had a vineyard of its own.

We meet at 6 pm and head with our bus to Sremski Karlovci, only ten minutes drive away from Novi Sad. Once there, we first go sightseeing – the main town square with the Patriarch’s Palace, Orthodox Cathedral, the decorative Serbian High School, the historic Town Hall, the Lower Church and its gigantic plane tree.

After getting acquainted with history and culture of the place we’ll turn to experiencing it with our taste buds. During our visit to one of Sremski Karlovci’s wineries we will learn about wine making and its ages-long local traditions, try four of their white and red wines and enjoy a small snack with it.

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Wine tasting in Sremski Karlovci
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