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Čet 21.12.2017

Something about us

Tours on our site, beside searching by the place of departure, destination and date of departure, also can be searched by the Theme (at the moment we have 29 tours):

Cruise tours, vine tours, walking tours, jeep tours, food tours. On our site there is something for everyone.  Vine tours for vine lovers, Cruises for people who want to explore from a different point of view. History and thematic tours, for people who wants to travel in time and go into past or maybe they want to walk on the trails where some of the famous historical people also went. Walking tours in the city centre or mountains, Kayaking Tours and Jeep tours, Manifestation tours, tours for kids. All our tours are carefully chosen and filled with rich programs, nature and cultural attractions, which our country is full with and we are taking care of them for tourists to see them and leave them speechless.

Online Reservations

Serbian Adventures concept is very simple – On every our tour page there is a form of reservation to fulfill. Also you can select one of the dates when the tour is planed to be realized and you can select the number of people which are traveling with you. Our system automatically calculates the price and with one click on Send Reservation, you are sending it to the tour operator and you are getting the automatic confirmation of reservation. Tour operator which tour is reserved will contact the clients with further instructions about the payment and realization of the specific tour. Excursions can be reserved when ever you like because the system is available 24 hours a day. For further information there is a telephone support on the number available on the site.

Our goal

Our most important goal is promotion of tours around the Serbia and making possible for huge amount of tourist to meet up with famous and less famous tourist attractions in our country (and abroad).  We have tried our best to make reservations easier and easier excess to programs. According to this we are helping anyone who wants to work in receptive tourism, to gain their clients easier and improving the number of visitors on destinations. We are trying our best to promote the beautiful historic values and to represent our country, culture and tradition in the best possible way.