Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I book an activity?
    You can book activity very easy. Just choose a tour and click on button "book" and it will open a form where you should fill out with your personal details, number of passengers and date when you want to take the tour. After filling out the form just click the button "book". After that we will receive your booking with all details you entered.
  2. What is the next step after booking the tour/ activity?
    After you fill out online booking form, we will receive on email with you booking for certain tour. At the same time the tour operator of that tour will receive booking with all necessary details. The tour operator will contact you to confirm the booking.
  3. Is it possible to made booking through phone call?
    Of course! If it is easier for you, the booking for a tour you can make simply by calling us on one of the phone number for Customer Service.
  4. On which days certain tours are organized?
    Every tour/excursion has dates set by tour operator. Offered tours and activates at are with guaranteed departures. Departures are guaranteed in case there is minimum number of persons required for organization of certain tour has reached..
  5. Are there different departure times for certain tour/activity?
    Time of departure for certain tour/activity depends of the day when it will be organized and it is determined exclusively by the tour operator.
  6. Do you want to change or cancel the booking you have made?
    In case you want to cancel your booking, just contact us via e-mail or phone. In case the tour operator has already contacted you for booking confirmation, you can make cancellation directly with tour operator or we can do that instead of you.
  7. What is the departure place for tours?
    Place of departure for a tour is set by tour operator, which has obligation to notice you in case it is changed.
  8. How many days before I need to make booking?
    Tours on the are visible only if it is still possible to make the booking for certain tour. Period for booking is set by tour operator of the certain tour.
  9. What forms of payment do you accept?
    The payment can be done directly to tour operator on the day of realization or in front if that is required by the tour operator. Type of payments: cash, credit cards (only for some of the tour operators) or via bank account.
  10. Is there possibility for closed group departures?
    In case you need offer for closed groups you can send us inquiry via email at